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KATRA TURANA landed suddenly down on Tokyo underground rock scene as one of obscure Japanese avantgarde outfits in 1980. Their ensemble consisted of some acoustic instruments based on a violin and a piano. On stage they used various rubbishy stuffs as percussion and cooked avantgarde musical dinner with folk, chanson, jazz, and rock essence. And after all, their symbol was Atsushi HIROIKE, the vocalist and the performer disguised as a woman with powerful 'feminine' voices. His early life, spent in the 'antique' house of his grandparents, should influence much on his musical style and policy. In 1982, via a Japanese indie label Telegraph Records, KATRA TURANA released the eponymous debut album - featuring as many elements as on stage - that could be approved by lots of avantgarde freaks or reviewers. What a shame they could not get away from underground, and disappeared without notice after releasing the second album 'Kimera' (1986).

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