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Katy Carr is a London based performer and songwriter who plays with Katy Carr and the Aviators. She has self-released three albums on her label, Deluce: "Screwing Lies" (2001), "Passion Play" (2003) and "Coquette" (2009). "Coquette" received 4/5 star reviews, in the mainstream and music press, during Nov and Dec, with a 5/5 star review from Music Critic, "Quite simply a masterpiece". Katy is a vocalist and accompanies herself mainly by playing a 1960s wurlitzer electronic piano or real piano. In addition she also plays ukulele, banjolele and will happily do gigs playing on an assortment of toy pianos, to all audience sizes and at any altitude from street to UFO level. ‘I called the group Katy Carr and the Aviators partly because my lineup has changed so many times over the years and almost like a airplane my group has rolled, yawed and looped in many directions. As a solo performer I have had the opportunity to work with many wonderful musicians and artists and there have been no barriers in my [air] lines of creativity!’ ‘Coquette’ Katy’s third album, was recorded in a bedroom studio with producer Nick Crofts opposite the 1936 Grade II listed Odeon Art Deco cinema in Muswell Hill, North London. It is a carefully crafted album of beauty honing the talents of Katy Carr’s song writing and the vast spectrum of contemporary sonic delights from Producer Nick Crofts – ‘Crofty.’ Inspired primarily by themes, stories, characters and music from Britain, France, Germany and Poland in the 1940s the songs on ‘Coquette’ have been delicately and elegantly arranged. Sites: Discogs, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook & KatyCarr.com (artist proprietary site)

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