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Katy McAllister has been hiding in her parent’s living room for the past 18 years writing and singing songs for her mom, dad and sisters. It wasn't until October of 2009 when Katy decided to pursue her musical dream. Katy recently hooked up with local musician/producer Tyler Ward to record her debut single, "Here's To The Heartbreakers" a song that sarcastically toasts boys who are not man enough for relationships. "This girl is going to be the next Colbie Caillat or Taylor Swift," says Tyler. "Her song writing is unreal and her voice is incredibly unique" Be sure to follow Katy as she puts her life experience into undeniably catchy songs. And before you know it, you will be saying, "I knew Katy when..." From Facebook: "I'm Katy McAllister, I play the piano and I write all my own words & music. Hope everyone enjoys! Thanks!"

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