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Kauns un Negods (Clowns and Maggots) The band made its first sound in december 2005, when another ensemble (Tu Tiec Dzemdets, you are born) broke up and some of the members decided not to leave the industry. It took about an hour to phone up a few potencial band members and a new project has been brought to life on the same day. Two of the musicians didn't even leave the studio while being transposed from one band to another. Of course, there were a lot of difficulties in the first place - the oldest band member was 18, the youngest had just finished 8th grade and his parents wouldn't let him go to a rehearsal 'coz he kept coming home smelling of beer and cigarettes. But they wanted to play so much, they struggled those difficulties, rather flipping them off then dodging and evading them. A couple of gigs in local clubs and it started to get obvious that their efforts are not just peas to the wall. Some more new songs, ideas and stuff, as a sequence - some more new problems. First the bass player leaves, then the guitarist says he is thru with this band. Both were afraid of big shows. But once again, a couple of phone calls and the new crew is here. Some more new gigs, some more new songs... All in all the band survived 3 guitar players, 2 bassists, 2 drummers and 2 vocalists, so only one vocalist remained from the original content. But it's not important :D The first demo struck on november 10th 2006 (Redzet visu, see it all), oi-punk/ska/hc mixture of 14 and a half songs. Oct. 2006 - oct. 2007 the band spent travelling all over Latvia and Baltic shore, performing at open-air festivals and small invite-only parties in cellar clubs. Today we are just happy playing together and looking forward to celebrating our second anniversary. You can hear: punk/oi!/ska sounds in our music Our mp3’s: http://www.hc.lv/muzika/jaunumi/hc.lv-kauns-un-negods-albums-redzet-visu/ www.myspace.com/kaunsunnegods Band members: vocals – Mikus [Mikucīts] Bass – Andrejs Guitar – Sanjoks Drums – GoZz [Artjoms] KuN

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