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Kyle Andrew Ward, born on July 4th, is an electronic music composer from Vancouver, Washington who produces songs in many different genres, including dance, techno, trance, happy hardcore, and drum and bass. Ward began playing piano at age 5 via the Suzuki method (by ear). He soon integrated his love for technology through keyboards, computers, and all forms of electronic instruments. Kyle uses many different pseudonyms to sign his music. He has a different pseudonym for each genre of music he works in: * KaW (from Kyle Andrew Ward) is the most common of Kyle's pseudonyms. Music signed "KaW" is typically dance/trance, tends to be moody and sometimes dark, as well as often melodic. Dawn is a good example of KaW's musical style. KaW is also used when referring collectively to all of Kyle's work. * Inspector K is used for faster paced, more aggressive techno music, usually with an emphasis on drum and bass. Liquid Moon is a good example of Inspector K's musical style. * ☺ (Smiley) songs are happy hardcore, and are thus very fast paced and are uplifting if not imposingly happy. Delirium is a good example of ☺'s musical style. * Banzai is used for Tribal/House music. Banzai songs tend to be slower paced, and feature ethnically inspired melodies. Exotica is a good example of Banzai's musical style. * KBit songs tend towards Rave/Techno styles, and often feature 8-bit sounds. Robotix is a good example of KBit's musical style. * KeeL songs are usually slower paced, drum-heavy Electronic/Techno music. Anonymity is a good example of KeeL's musical style. KeeL is sometimes used instead of KaW to refer to Kyle's work collectively, especially on web forums. * Symphonius is used for songs inspired by or based off of classical music. Symphonius has only ever produced one song, Tell (a synthesised remix of the William Tell Overture) * OscillatorX is the name used by Kyle and fellow musician John Mendenhall when they collaborate. DJ Superstar is a good example of OscillatorX's musical style. On occasion, Kyle mixes musical styles in his songs. Euphoria has trance influences and an emphasis on melody, but is more cheerful than most KaW songs, and so was signed "KaW feat. ☺". Another song, Duality, alternates between styles rather than mixing them and is signed "KaW vs ☺ vs Inspector K".

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