Kawa top 20 songs


Kawa biography

There are several artists named KAWA: 1. A Kurdish folk singer 2. A Norwegian dub band 3. A Polish R'N'B/Pop/RAP group 4. A Polish dubmaster 5. An Argentinian alternative pop duo. 1. The Kurdish folk singer Jiyannameya Hozan Kawa 2. The Norwegian dub band KAWA This group has released one CD: *Superwoman*. The band describes its music as a "mix of electronic and organic sound in a dub, pop, jazz and reggae format." More: www.kawamusic.com. 3. The Polish R'N'B/Pop/RAP group KAWA More: http://kawa.art.pl 4. The Polish dubmaster KAWA KAWA is dubmaster from Poland, appeared on compilation entitled "Dub Out of Poland vol. 1" 5. Argentinian alternative pop duo composed of Fede Bareiro and Najle. http://facebook.com/kawasounds

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