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Kay- D also known as Krisztian Kajdi, was born in July 1978, in Ajka, Hungary. Currently produces progressive trance (frequently mislabeled as progressive house), progressive house, progressive breaks and more, to name a few. His interest to music started in 1986, when he went to the conservatorie for 3 years, and played trumpet. In the early ’90s he started to be interested in electronic music, at that time his favourite styles were german rave, acid-house and hardcore-techno, and later trance. At his age of 16 Krisztian started to compose music. In 2001 he entered for a composer’s competition, called „Pepsi Star Maker”, and he got into the semi final. After that he had been working a lot with his nephew, the famous Hungarian producer, Karanyi. In 2002-2003 they composed some tracks together, and appeared as a live act together, in the most popular clubs in Budapest called “Home” and “Cream”, they also performed on Sziget music festival (one of the best & biggest music festivals in the whole Europe). After 2003 he didn't produce anything and focused on his studies for environmental engineer. In summer 2004 Krisztian joined to Electronic Orgasm, an electronic music group and he was requested by them to produce music together. The year of 2007 was a turning point in his music carrier when he got to know the newest music composing programmes and he started to compose music again. His music was inspired by many styles like progressive house, breaks, tech-house, tribal, deep house and electro. His first EP was relased at CLS Music in March 2008. Since that time he has been creating several tracks and remixes. However, in the last years many new styles appeared and became very popular , his passion for progressive music did not decline and with his tracks he would like to participate in the renaissance of progressive house.

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