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Kazancı Bedih biography

Bedih Yoluk, most widely known as “Kazancı Bedih”, born in 1929, in Siverek (subdivision of Şanlıurfa, a southeastern province in Turkey) is one of the most prominent Gazelhans and poets in Turkey. (“Gazelhan” is who sings gazelles) He had his authentic singing tune traditioned from his ancient city of prophets and had the merit of singing the lyrics in variable musical modes. He could as well sing ballads, folk songs, religious chants, eulogies and play turkish, middle eastearn musical instruments “oud”, “tambour” and “cumbus”. His main major is cauldrons craft and the nickname “Kazancı” refers to the person who has the knack of making and fixing cauldrons. Many folk singers in Turkey such as Ibrahim Tatlıses, Selahattin Alpay are followers of Kazancı Bedih. His father, Halil was a weaver from the family “Dalyanlar” and his mother Zemzem was from the family “Şatıroğulları”. He was married and had 7 kids named Halil, Mehmet, Şükran, Naci, Remziye, Nihat ve Müzeyyen. Kazancı Bedih and his wife passed away in January of 2004, tragedically poisoned by the leaked smoke from catalytic stove. He is and will always be rememberd for his gifted voice, compositions and his honorable, modest and sincere personality.

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