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Japanese musician, famous bamboo flute player, who likes west coast music... The most famous bamboo flute player in the contemporary music field Kazu Matsui started his "Kazu Matsui Project" in 1981. Beside the "Project", Kazu Matsui has build up a career by playing the traditional Japanese instrument Bamboo Flute, and you can hear him on several movie soundtracs, where "Shogun" is one of them. His wife Keiko Matsui has released several jazz fusion album, where you can hear Kazu as a producer. Albums - Bamboo - Direction West - Is That The Way To Your Heart (with Gregory Walker) - Love's A Heartache - Marine Fantasia - Pioneer - See You There - Sign of the Snow Crane - Standing In The Wings - Stone Monkey - The Direction-West - The Stone Monkey - Time No Longer - Tribal Beethoven - Tribal Mozart - Tribal Schubert - Wheels of the Sun (with David Lindley) - Wind

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