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Kdh biography

KDH draws their name from a lesser known beach town on the Outer-Banks of North Carolina, just miles from where the Wright brothers got high for the first time. Their sound fits the description; southern-fried, surfed out, warm, and hey...Not too far from where Link Wray lived. KDH has no problem borrowing from the past, but in a day when true-grit raw-power Rock & Roll is scarce, what are 4 ex-art-school rockers to do? Especially when they got their start in high school, forging upward out of a basement somewhere outside of the city-center of Winston-Salem North Carolina. This four-piece is currently reunited, executing operations out of NYC. Their sound could be described as loud, borrowing vibes from multiple genres, with nods to their respective heroes and heroines of southern rock & roll, and psychedelia.

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