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Keida biography

Beautiful, bubbly and packed full of personality … A.K.A. Maqueda, Makeida Born Makeida Beckford into a family of artists, Keida followed in the footsteps of her parents and is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication and Graphic Design at the Edna Manley School of the Visual and Performing Arts. Drawing inspiration from the rhythms and tropical landscape of her beautiful island home of Jamaica, Keida’s artistic expression embodies multiple mediums. Her creative flair sees her (involved in) expressing herself through Set Design for music videos and commercials; costume and set design with Anne Marie Weiss Wedding and Event Coordinating; graphic design for apparel for Romeich Wear Enterprises; all in addition to teaching art. Ever the trendsetter, Maqueda was one of the first female surfers in Jamaica. Her expansive creative flair has led her to discover a new outlet for her creative juices, music! A fresh fun sound complimented and enhanced by strong Reggae roots, Keida’s music is old school with new rules. She’s the one to watch! "Keida, Keida a gwaan badddd!" (from myspace)

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