Kein top 20 songs


Kein biography

In April 1997 眞呼 [Mako] (vo) (former roadie of Merry-go-round), Reo (gu) (ex- Lustair), Yukino (gu) and Ritsu (ba) (both ex- Risk), who all came from Nagoya, met and decided to start a new band. After picking kein as the name, meaning "no" in German (as in “There’s no water”), they practiced a few months without putting on a show because they were still missing a drummer. In November of that year Hibiki (ex- Orphee) joined and completed the line-up. In January of 1999, Ruka, who at that time was part of Lamiel, joined as support bassist and became a full member in February, replacing Yukino. In January of 2000 aie (gu) (ex- Lamiel) joined the band. He was at least well known to two members of kein. Hibiki had already played with him in LAPSE and Another you, bands that weren’t active very long. Yukino shared experiences with aie when they were playing in Another you.

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