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Download both albums for free at Keith Merrow is a studio musician hailing from Portland, Oregon- USA. His extreme style of guitar playing is a unique blend of traditional metal with a dash of obscurity. In May of 2009, he released a self produced EP titled Lonestar Transcend. This EP is a compilation of songs that were first heard on Keith’s YouTube page, where he posted playthrough videos of the songs. Six months later in November of 2009 came The Arrival. This 10 song album has an epic and thought-provoking sound to it that he hopes will take you on a musical journey. The intense and often thematic songs on this album are punishing and brutally beautiful. Unlike the previous EP, The Arrival marks Keith’s first album that he has written from start to finish, for the sole purpose of releasing a completed album to the public. On January 1st of 2011 Keith Released his second full length instrumental album, entitled Awaken the Stone King. Awaken the Stone King is the first album of Keith's to be only available for a price, and also the first album billed under "Merrow". The album continues in the heavy, groove laden style of Keith's first two albums, and features a guest guitar solo from Jeff Loomis of Nevermore. Keith Merrow has a sound that is original and heartfelt while remaining utterly brutal and true to his traditional metal roots.

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