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Versatility takes its top slot as the melodic tempo swivels to the grungy rock attire in bombastically bizarre 'O Mama'. Hot-headed percussive and ballistic voice of KK rocks the show and creates bedlam of affairs in this explosive sounding number. To be precise, it belongs to the genre of 'Death-rock' (belligerent percussions, bass guitar riffs and vocals), glorifying the phases of venomous infatuation in tangy wordings ('O' Mama, Kanche mare, Billi jaisi aankhon wali, Ek meow si ladki, O' Mama, O' Mama...') with racy Clinton Cerejo's supporting back-up vocals in the backdrop. KK proves to be prefect choice in fuelling up tempo in his extra vociferous throws colliding well with varying pitches, an ideal musical piece for rock concerts. Bharadwaj's composition is highly impressive and should catalyze 'yuppie' factor in this horrifying love saga.

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