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Born in Gary, Ind., Brittanie K'La Buggs had dreams bigger than the confines of her small town - even if it is the childhood home of Michael, Janet and the rest of the Jackson siblings. So, almost two years ago, the mother of two and a friend with two kids of her own moved to Atlanta to pursue their dreams. She was using her waitressing money to pay for studio time, when K'La eventually met Music Line CEO Anthony Tate during one of her sessions. After rapping and singing for him, Tate signed her to the label last summer. K'La recently released a mixtape, "Coldest Winter Ever," which features the buzz track "All Your Love." Now she's working on her as-yet-untitled debut and hopes to keep it as "honest and relatable as possible," she says. "I want to continue to tell my story, give my perspective and be sincere."

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