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There are two bands named Kolibri. I. Kolibri is a Indonesian garage rock band formed in 2011 and yet released their songs in 2014. Psychedelic element is blended to the grumpy voice in the vocals. Bram, Dwi, Faiz, and Deddy are well-known nowadays formation with one additional guitarist, Alfian. They just released an EP album called "Blank Television" by performing at "Akhirnya Rilis Juga" as a digital-USB-transfer distribution. Yet, this EP would be released by Nerve Records, a netlabel from Surabaya, Indonesia. II. Kolibri is a Soviet/Russian experimental pop/rock group formed in 1988 in Saint-Petersburg playing a highly eclectic brand of baroque pop blended with elements of post-punk, cabaret, chanson and dominated by vocal harmony. Blatantly elitist and quite challenging in their refined intellectualism, Kolibri combined high posturing with touchingly humane attitude, writing and performing songs that were described variously as - exquisite, depressive, extravagant, romantic, naive, sophisticated and decadent.[1] The band released six studio albums which were received well in Europe and were praized by critics in their native Russia but never had any commercial success (this text is the summary paragraph from their wikipedia page). Children’s Choir Kolibri was established back in 1963. The Choir was founded by Milica Manojlović, who conducted this youngest ensemble within the Serbian Broadcasting Corporation for four decades. "Kolibri" is an unique children's choir with their own distinct style of singing, inimitable and pleasant performance, and a highly professional attitude towards music nurtured with love towards music, with an active interpretation of music which it delivers to audience with great pleasure. Posture while singing, breathing, interpretation, understanding of poetic text, whether in Serbian or not, is placed in the context of musical expression, because Milica Manojlović knew how to find the right word to put children's imagination running and rise highly over expected capabilities of the children. During almost forty years of their activities in music, the Kolibri choir has given hundreds of concerts at home and abroad, took part in radio dramas, and made regular appearances on television and films. They recorded seven audiotapes, 19 single and 42 LP records, three CDs and three video tapes, all published by the Music Production of Serbian Radio and TV (PGP RTS). Exceptional artistic achievements brought the choir and their conductor a series of awards, among which the Diploma of Radio Belgrade for the contribution to the development of children's and youth music, the Golden Ring of the Serbian Cultural and Educational Union, Diploma of the Serbian Composer's Union for the contribution to the development of musical creativity, the UNICEF Letter of Thanks, Golden Syrian of the Radio-television of Belgrade (RTB) for the biggest yearly achievement of RTB, The Silver laureate wreath for work, the medal of Days of Mokranjac, Days of Mokranjac Award and Zmaj Award. Present conductor of Kolibri choir is Nevena Ivanović. Kolibri is also the name of a video game released in 1995 for the ill-fated 32x. Its soundtrack has a noted new-age vibe in a similar vein to Ecco The Dolphin.

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