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Kraken biography

1) Kraken is a heavy metal band in Colombia, founded in Medellín in 1984 by Elkin Ramírez, their vocalist. Formerly Kripsy. 2) Kraken is a Belgian experimental/industrial/ambient duo (Joris Vermost and Ricardo Gomez Y De Buck) who exist since 1988 and release music on the Spectre label. 3) Kraken was a dark/tech step drum and bass artist from the UK; an alias for Shaun Morris (Stakka) and Nathan Vinall (Skynet). 4) Kraken are a Montréal based band mixing punk, hardcore and sludge with three guitars. They now go by Le Kraken after their switch from English to French lyrics. 5) Kraken was a NWOBHM band. They released a demo and a single. 6) Kraken is a Black Metal band hailing from Newfoundland, Canada. Surrounded by the vast and terrifying Atlantic Ocean, we submit ourselves to the Kraken Lord. Grim, misanthropic and melancholic. Members are: Menace: Bass/ Vocals Melancholy: Guitar Machine: Drums 7) Kraken is a Heavy/Speed Metal band from Ontario, Canada formed in 1980 consisting of vocalist/bassist Spike Audia, guitarist Karm Kleaver and drummer Rome Steeler. 8) Kraken is a hardcore band from Bracknell, UK. They are unsigned and their second music video has been featured on Scuzz. 9) Kraken is a folk metal band from Kolomna, Russia. They have released an EP in 2011. 10) Kraken is an alias of Ryutaro Nakahara (Ryu☆) used for "Do it!! Do it!!" track in Beatmania IIDX15 DJ TROOPERS videogame. 11) KRAKEN is Francesco Benedetto Modugno, Frenchcore Producer from Torino, Italy. He is also a Deathcore vocalist, and he is also member of Audiogenic. 12) KRAKEN (Norway): Explosive, Progressive metal!

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