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L-pha-x biography

The AL-PHA-X sound can only be described as total musical eclecticism from Cinematic sound scapes to Electonica and everything in between with genre bending and merging of styles such as World, Nu-Soul, Folktronica , Electronica, Nu-Jazz and Classical influences. Electronic lusciousness and beauty mixed with acoustic instrumentation. Declan also performs live both as a solo performer, with a band and as a DJ.Moreover , he has also worked within a variety of musical styles as a producer, co-writer, performer and re-mixer from singer/songwriter material , Rock , Folk , Jazz and World. Declan’s music has been extensively licensed to various labels and has appeared on no fewer than 150 compilation albums worldwide including the critically acclaimed Buddha Bar, Siddharta and Claude Challe compilations. Well stated... I would add that this artist and his collaborations have yielded some of the most fantastic musical experiences that I have had the unique pleasure to enjoy. Blending the ethnic tones of Asian rhythms with ambient reverb and other well utilized accents Al-Pha-X has taken his genre and put it in a place other artists will struggle discover. His blend of female voices over instrumental landscapes in their native English, "Hindi" and "Arabic" languages encapsulates the passion of his world experiences. He retains the authenticity of the music and its origins which keeps his listeners captivated without the need for translation. An audible feast to say the least and I know this listener will keep coming back for more.

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