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Panamanian R&B/hip-hop group La Factoría was created in 2000 by producer Pablo Maestre, better known as DJ Pablito. The group's debut disc was released in that year and entitled DJ Pablito Presenta La Factoria. Heavy radio support generated fan interest throughout the Spanish-speaking world, from Mexico to Colombia, Venezuela, their home nation of Panama, and other Caribbean nations such as Curazao and Aruba. The groups first album, La Factoria was released in 2003 and although, it did not really bring attention to and in the US, it managed to prosper in the Hispanophone world. The group's sophomore effort, Mas Alla, hit the market in 2004, this time propelling La Factoria onto international airplay charts. On the strength of their flagship single, "Todavía," La Factoria was nominated for a fistful of awards, including Mejor Álbum, Grupo Revelación, and Mejor Interpretación at the 2004 Premios Oye. "Todavía" landed a spot in the Top 40 on Billboard's Latin Pop Airplay chart. Group members Joycee, Demphra, and MC Joe, joined by guest artist Eddy Lover and patron DJ Pablito, released their third album, Nuevas Metas, in December 2006. The group hitched itself to the reggaeton wave that dominated tropical airplay charts, resulting in the group's biggest sales to date. This time around, the single "Perdóname" made waves for La Factoria, placing in the Top 20 in Billboard's Hot Latin Tracks category. The video version of the single reached U.S. audiences thanks primarily to Internet distribution, bolstering stateside sales and giving the group its first strong footing outside the Caribbean. La Factoría the Panamanian reggaeton duo, as of 2008, are formed by Demphra (Marlene Romero) and Joycee (Johanna Gisel Mendoza Romero). Initially, MC Joe (Edgardo Miranda) and DJ Pablito (Pablo Maestre) were part of the group, and helped to found it. Later, as of and since April 2008, it was announced and officially confirmed that the group La Factoria has announced that they have separated and broken up. Joycee has left the group. This has left Demphra and Eddy Lover, after to promote the single "Perdóname/Si Alguna Vez" and the album Sin Obstaculos/Nuevas Metas without Joycee. As a result, Demphra and Joycee have decided to remain close, but now, are also pursuing successful and solo careers.

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