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Medellin - Colombia Peste (Plague). Pestilente (Pestilent). Pestilencia (Pestilence). This pun evokes the smell of the country in conflict, Colombia, the clean's clouds land, carrion's birds, but above all it evokes the history of the most important generational band of punk rock in this country: "La Pestilencia" . The story of a group that started with a four tracks cassette, without cover or title, and twenty years later has five full-length albums, whose songs all Colombians have chanted at some point in their lives. Pestilence brought these songs in a live emotional and political DVD, entitled "20TH ANIVERSARY" (EMI Music, 2007), DVD celebrates 20 years of history and see the power of attraction of a band that went from the marginality to "MTV" without selling their political beliefs. "Vive Tu vida" (Live Your Life) was one of the first band's songs, when Hector Buitrago and Dilson Diaz, founder of the band were little more than a couple of punk record collectors from the 80's who had met in Bogotá. The marginal Hector & Dilson's project , caused a stir in a house in Los Alcazares neighborhood, where they rehearsed, and then spread into other sectors such as La Candelaria, Bogota, Bavaria or the National University. There, punkers, metal, "plastic children", policemen, intellectuals and journalists increased the reputation of the band through concerts that ended in brawls and headlines: "La Pestilencia is one of the biggest rock groups protest in Bogota and reflects youngers dissatisfaction "wrote the renowned journalist Eduardo Arias in the late 80's.

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