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La Strada is the name of at least five different groups: 1) A NYC-based seven piece band, recently named one of the "8 NYC Bands You Need to Hear" by L Magazine. From their Myspace: 'La Strada is the romance of old-world instrumentation through new world amplification. With soaring vocal harmonies, accordion, and string driven melodies set to rock rhythms, La Strada transports you to the hills of the Balkans, a street corner in Paris, and back to “your window overlooking the Brooklyn skyline”'. 2) Serbian new wave rock band from Novi Sad, formed in 1979 by Slobodan Tišma. La Strada disbanded in 1981, but was reformed in 1985 by creative half of the band Luna (which Slobodan Tišma formed after the break-up of La Strada), Slobodan Tišma and Jasmina Mitrušić and lasted until 1987. In this period they released their only album (self-titled). 3) Limburg hardcore band hailing over different "cité's" in Genk. They combine various styles like old school, beatdown and streetpunk into their music. in 2007 they released their first demo cité core. 4) A Finnish group of brasses and horns with normal band instruments. They do covers versioned by means of jazz and beatnik. 5) Polish disco / pop band, in 1995 released debut album titled "Tylko Ja". Band members: Katarzyna Zawadzka, Tomasz Nerkowski and Adam Łukowski. In 1996 they released seond album titled "Taka jestem", in 1997 "Kraina snów" and in the same year fourth album which included greatest hits from their previous albums. The band ended its activity in 1999.

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