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La the Darkman (born Lason Jackson in The Bronx, New York City) is a Wu-Tang Clan affiliated rapper, hailing from Grand Rapids, Michigan. He considers himself to be the "12th member" of the Clan. Also notable for having recorded several times and developed a friendship with the virtual hip hop pariah Vanilla Ice. La the Darkman is also the older brother of Willie the Kid, who is signed to Aphilliates Music Group, owned by DJ Drama, DJ Don Cannon and DJ Sense. La the Darkman is the vice-president of the company. They released a mixtape called 'Dead Presidents' with AMG in 2006. At the age of four La the Darkman moved with his family to Crown Heights, Brooklyn. At 14 he became involved in street life with GJ and EB and got in trouble with the kids at the basketball court. His mother didn't approve and he was moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan where he finished high school. He released his debut album 'Heist of the Century' in 1998, selling over 300,000 copies independently. His follow-up album was due for release in 2006 through Think Differently Music but is yet to be released.

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