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The Varda is a trailer in the idiom of travellers. Since 2000 these six musicians have walked across Europe through their hundreds of concerts. They have reduced their travel music and instruments. From Greece to Sweden via Ireland and Hungary, their wanderings on the paths of wandering "have mixed these influences: the ancient melodies now merged with the strength of the Rock to give this powerful combination which combines naturally instruments past and present. This cultural miscegenation gave birth to a new style: the "alternative folk." Their compositions mix musical styles beyond all borders, poetry, sung in several languages, evoke the great and the small history, stories of yesterday and today, history remember. Each concert of the Varda is a journey through space and time, bringing together the peoples and generations by the party and dance. Discography: Un premier pour la route (2001) Folk You! (2002) Les Chemins de l'errance (2005) Web:

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