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There are 2 musicians with the name LA4. LA4 (Czech Republic) Writer, breaker and mc La4 aka Lafor aka Gyzmo has been around on the hip hop scene since the mid 90's - as a graffiti artist. Later, at the times of the legendary 007 club (where Indy&Wich also started to ), he inclined to b-boying and started to collect rhymes with his long time friends. His voice appeared on first offical Indy&Wich single - "Pohyb nehybnyho/Indyvidual". Later he contributed with a verse on PSH's "Praha" - a true czech hip-hop anthem from 2001/2002. As part of Indy&Wich, he helped to record their debut album My3, and also their second album Hadej Kdo (2006). At the time, he was already a permanent guest to them, not a member of the band. He tours with them until these days, however. In summer 2007 La4 relased his solo debut "Panoptikum", apriciated by both critis and fans for Lafor's candid attitude to rap and not being simple "easy listening" LP. He appeared on Hugo Toxxx's album Rok psa recently (June 2008). LA4 (Japan) Tokyo-based Spanish DJ, electronic musician and graphic artist. Obsessed with the mysticism of funk music since 1999, the purpose in his life is the search of the perfect beat, which so far has eluded him. In his continuous experimentation with electro he has done some detours along gangsta rap and similar genres. In 2008 he's released a single with a strong skweee base and started to popularise skweee beats in Tokyo clubs.

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