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When he was 15, they called him Laas MC. When he was 19 year old, he was Laas Minute. Born in Gütersloh, this freestyle king soon became a member of the infamous Stammtisch Crew. Stamtisch never had "huge" releases (the occasional freestyle mixtape), but they were know all over Germany, for being the life of the party (and the end of all whack-MCees) at every jam. It's been a bunch of names fpr Laas, and there's new ones by the minute: Fat Lace, Laasen, Lace Against The Machine, Jackenmann, Veggie Noble, DBU… For most people, Laas defines freestyles, and jam culture. A true, representing force in this hip-hop culture. Around the new millenium, Laas was the most talented upcoming rapper - today, he's Germany's best unsigned MC, people call him the rap-genious. His style, however, can't be tied down to just one genre - he's unlimited, that's why. When Laas started going to jams in Germany, MySpace was a faint idea somewhere down the road, and quite a few years away, still. Hip-Hop wasn't in the media, like it is today. If someone wanted to show off his skills back then, he had to make moves, had to visit the jams, step on stage, and show everyone what's up. Laas did exactly that, and soon after started working with his first patrons, Rasputin MC, and Bielefeld-based producer Flaps. Rasputin took care of Laas, took him to the yards, and showed him rap's basics. Flaps produced the music, that was to become the Laas Minute EP "Manche Erzählen Mir, Ich Solle Ein Tape Machen". The legendary Stammtisch Crew formed on the basis of countless jams, and sessions. DJ Amir, Rano, Spontan, SD, and Laas, they killed rappers left and right. Unfortunately, they never had a proper release—just some "Beats aus der Bude" freestyle tapes, and DJ Amir's legendary tape no.20—and the crew dissolved a few years later. Nevertheless, Stammtisch left an imprint. Ask todays German top-rappers about this crew, and you'll still get the answer: "Spearheads of the underground." After the Stammtisch Crew broke up, Laas moved to Hamburg in 2003, to get his rap career going, and to successfully complete his apprenticeship. The producer team Absturz City soon became his new musician family, and together they released the collabo album "Meisterwerk" (with Rano, free download on in 2006, in 2007 "Laas Unltd. Begins!", and in 2009 "2.0 Action Rap". "Laas Unltd. Begins!", and "2.0 Action Rap" are parts of a trilogy, which will continue in "Laas Unltd. Returns!" (release tba). When he's not amazing crowds with his unique flow, the likeable fan of Ray-Ban sunglasses works in a kindergarden and makes sure kids grow up to be likeable human beings. Compared to when Laas Unltd. took off, rap in Germany has changed a big deal. Laas used to be overly talented, but has become a versatile musician, and songwriter. His music is for women, men, girls, boys, students, gangster, backpacker, clubbers, heads, normal folks, haters, lovers, writers, ticket inspectors, grown ups, and kids. The video "Nein, Wir Kenn' Dich Nicht" raised a first small hype in 2007, which didn't go unnoticed by Germany's rap elite. The result came soon after: Laas Unltd. was featured on two of the most important releases 2008 - Olli Banjo's "Sparring 3", and "John Bello Story 2" by Kool Savas. Also, Laas appeared on Jifusi's "Almost Famous", and the already legendary mixtape "Ab In Club" (by Harris, DJ Sweap, and DJ Pfund 500), to which the video "Ol Dö Görls/Teerinmeinadern" with Harris and D-Flame) was released. To see Laas Unltd. live is an experience, as he doesn't really look like he could rock a crowd—but he sure can. His skills have convinced skeptics way more than once, as he can more than fulfill the one basic principle that makes a good MC: He's even better live, than he is on record. Laas has come a long way in his career, and along this way, he's been joined by artists like Kool Savas, Olli Banjo, Maeckes & Plan B, Franky Kubrick, Moe Mitchell, Absturz City, DJ Suro, Dendemann, Pitch & Scratch, DJ exel. Pauly, Nao:me, O.O.D., Rano, Rasputin, SD, Spontan, DJ Amir, Flaps, Flara, Knauf "King Kong" Kinski, Playmo, Krutch, Luke & Swift, DJ Buzz-T, Miss Leema, Roe Beardie, Clueso, DJ Lifeforce, Skunk Funk, Mad Maxamom, Bruder Garl, Trainingslager, Iron Ive, Felonious, Ill Age People, DJ Flow Sun, MacVallez, P-Noq, Florian Sump/Jim Pansen, and there was, is, and will be some more for sure.

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