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LAB is the Finnish alternative rock band. (1) LAB in caps is the Californian rock band. (2) LAB is also a Portuguese Psychedelic Trance producer. (3) Lab° is a French Dub-Rock band.° (4) a Swedish psy-trance producer, member of the underground label Schlabbaduerst Rekkords , with legendary track relase on Schlabbaduerst Rekkords vol 5, named Ripoff. (1)Lab is a band of five friends, one of which is a girl. She can't play anything, so she is the singer. Lab is very much like a gang in comics; four dogs and a cat, who is adopted to the group because she, even with her curious "she-mind" is still on of the gang, and makes Lab what it is. The cat's name is Ana, the dogs are Splendid, Johannes, Kirka and Masa. Masa is the strongest one and plays the drums. Splendid is quite resourceful by nature, so he writes the songs, and also plays the guitar. Johannes also wants to play the guitar, so he does. Kirka kicks/hits/beats up/terrorizes the bass. It is a cool, rough instrument that doesn't break easily. So this is Lab. Welcome to peek into our life! Their Website: (2) LAB is a Californian rock band, featuring members of the punk band BL'AST! The band came to be after singer Clifford Dinsmore left, and the three remaining members decided to carry on as LAB (Life After BL'AST!) (3)LAB, of his name Renato Moreira was born in 1984 in Lisbon, Portugal. Starting his route in the electronic music field in 1998, he begun to gain a taste for computorized production in that same year using Rebirth 1.0. Evolving in 2000 into the use of hosts like FL Studio, he first had experiences in genres of electronic like breakbeat,downtempo and house, before turning to the more dark path of psychedelic trance in his selftitled project LAB, influenced by the upcoming wave of russian sounds. LAB`s music is based on fast passed and groove full beats, inducing futuristic ambiences and breaks, featuring powerful mental twisting leads! Making his live debut appearence in 2005, at the present time LAB intends to obtain more knowledge to add to his evergrowing musical expertise, and to perform and release globaly, to bring his vision of the future of psychedelic trance to you. MySpace URL: (4) Lab° is a French Dub-Rock band° (5) L.A.B. are 2 Swedish psy-trance producers,etter Häglund & Robert Elste, members of the underground label Schlabbaduerst Rekkords , with legendary track relase on Schlabbaduerst Rekkords vol 5, named Ripoff plus some more tracks released in the discogs link above.

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