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There are at least two bands called Labrador. One is the project of Flemming Borby (Dannish composer) [] and the other one is a Brazilian Rock Band []. LABRADOR is the muical project of FLEMMING BORBY. Flemming started his carreer in Copenhagen, Denmark back in the middle of the eighties as a drummer in bands like The Poets (orignally Poets Of The Signature, in the US and Canada known as The Sealand Poets), Alter Ego and The Fence (later known as Janes Rejoice). In the beginning of the 90´ties he joined the band Greene, where a.o. Jens Unmack and the Olesen-brothers acted as musicians. Through the 90'ties Greene did 3 albums and a lot of touring all over Denmark. Meanwhile Flemming finished his degree at the Royal Danish Academy of Music. After the dissolvation of Greene in 1998, Flemming formed LABRADOR. First album "Goodbye Susanne" came out in 2002, on Flemmings new started label DIVINE RECORDS, including the radiosingle "In A Blue Balloon" which became "Ugens Uundgåelige" on Danish National Radio P3. The Album came out in Japan and in the whole of Scandinavia as well. Second album "Instamatic Lovelife" was released in 2004 in Denmark, Japan and Germany, and Flemming and Labrador did concerts in Japan, Germany, Denmark, France and England. Looking after musicians for the 3rd album, Flemming ended up in Pablo Milanez´ studio in Havanna, Cuba, in January 2007, and recorded a couple of songs with some local brilliant young Cuban jazzmusicians. The result was so good that he returned in March to do an whole album. Overdubs was made in Copenhagen and Hamburg, and the first radiosingle is now ready, and to hear on this page. The whole album will be out in the beginning of 2008. In April 2007, Flemming moved a part of his DIVINE RECORDS to Hamburg, Germany, with the aim to release Danish artists south of the Danish border. First releases were Tiger Baby, Steric, Sara Indrio and soon Moi Caprice and of course Labrador will follow. More info about that and LABRADOR at Taken from ----- Created in 2007, the brazilian band Labrador, made by the musicians Felipe Cotti, Gustavo "Bola" Brunoro, Tavos Mata Machado and Toflon Coyote tries to reestabilish the 70's progressive rock sound. Looking for references on the great names of that time and using elements from regional music, the band has been holding steady after the release of it's first recorded project, the demo album Contos da Noite (Tales of the Night), recorded with the former member Gabriel Telles. Taken from

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