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Lacey is a mother, a wife, a rock-and-roll princess, a writer, a speaker, and a solo artist. But most of all, she’s a child of God and she desires for others to know and understand how special, how beautiful, how kaleidoscopically wonderful they are made. Lacey loves Jack and Arrow. Jack is three and Arrow is one, but both boys already have Mommy’s passion. Lacey is Josh’s wife and loves being a wife. Josh is Lacey’s biggest fan, after Jack and Arrow, of course. Their love looks like Play-Doh—it’s colorful, makes beautiful things, and expands the more it’s tinkered with.“Lacey stands at four feet eleven inches. But she possesses a voice five times that size. Its unmistakable passion, power, beauty, and grit make her impossible to ignore on the airwaves. In 2012 Lacey released her final record with Flyleaf, New Horizons. Now she is focused on a new chapter of her life: her family and her new career as an author, speaker, and solo artist. Lacey continues to do work with the BGEA as well as the Whosoever Movement, an organization she helped found with some of her closest friends from the rock music and extreme sports industries. The Whosoever Movement seeks to build and strengthen at-risk youth in local communities by using their collective passion for music, skateboarding, art, and today’s youth culture to creatively inspire people to stand together and work for change. Excerpt From: Lacey Sturm. “Reason.” iBooks.

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