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Depressive black metal band from US , formed in 2007 by Bon Vincent Fry. Here's introduction of the band by Bon himself : "Lamentations of the Ashen is a project that i decided to begin guided by a desire to craft Tragic, Hateful black art. This is deeply personal music that i write only for myself. In each Lamentation is a piece of my broken, empty heart. Lamentations of the Ashen is not "influenced" by any bands existing in the black metal circle(past or present) and it is not to be affiliated with any scene. An EP entitled "In Distance....(Implorations Unto The Wind)" has been released via Singularity Publishing and a full Length is currently in the works." Discography 2008 - "In Distance (Implorations Unto the Wind)" 2008 - "Harrowing of Innocence" 2010 - "In the Burden of the Heart's Plaint" 2011 - "EKIMMV" In 2010, the "In Distance (Implorations Unto the Wind)" EP has been rereleased on CD by Singularity Publishing. The rerelease contains the bonus track "Their Sleep I Covet", which was originally released on the "Harrowing of Innocence" split.

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