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There are multiple artists with this name: 1) Land is a French dark ambient/martial industrial project whose activities are spread over a large period of time with some moments of hibernation for various purposes. Beginning in 1988 with different line-ups through the years, Land has released numerous tapes from 1990 till 1995. Next and final planned releases for the Land 3rd period are the "Célestine Orlac" serial (3 episodes) and a document on the french actress Véra Sergine. It is a trilogy began in 2003 with the 10" EP "Praha". In 2005 it appeared the second part, "Wien", and "Budapest", third act, completes in 2007 this masterpiece of Dark Ambient located in the Europe of 1924. Other Works like "Opuscule" (2002, Divine Records) or "Idi l simotri" (2002, Eis und Licht) reveals an intense and deep study of the musical possibilities to express the ideas of the band members. A very interesting and complete view of the development of the band is offered in the compilation "Land. 1988-1997", where the music reflects the influences of 80's Dark Wave, Early Industrial and Dark ambient. (Artist Website: 2) Land was Jeff Greinke's collaborative project LAND included such imaginative and accomplished instrumentalists as Greinke (keyboards, voice, composer), Fred Chalenor (bass, stick), Lesli Dalaba (trumpet), Greg Gilmore (percussion), Bill Moyer (percussion), Ed Pias (percussion), Dennis Rea (guitar), Bill Rieflin (drums), and George Soler (Stick). The various incarnations of the group skillfully interwove electronic music, jazz, progressive rock, and world music influences to create an absorbing blend of composition and improvisation that was both strikingly modern and primordial. LAND earned critical acclaim for its live performances (including a 1996 tour of China, Hong Kong, and Macau) and its three CDs on the Extreme, Periplum, and First World labels. (Artist Website: 3) Land is a band from Rimini, Italy; it produces music immersed in the evolutions/mutations of the European electronica scene and the dark heart of the early 80s. Some words written about the band …15 tracks inspired by state of the art electronica in which drum’n’bass and trance blend with the melancholy mood reminescent of 1980s new wave, a musical style much loved by the band. They are big fans of songs with rich and imaginative melodies that create a melting pot of analogue and digital sound sources so reminiscent of the excellent Underworld. Land demand to be heard because they are able to draw the listener so completely into their world so that you won’t want to leave. Il Mucchio Selvaggio – G. Polverari. …in it there’s a wealth of references to the spirit of post-punk and the new multifaceted aspects of experimental technology. And not forgetting a voice that gives the songs of Land a magical quality and manages to evoke a world somewhere between Joy Division and more contemporary urban beatscape. Music Club-F. Battisti (Artist Website: 4) Land is a Oslo-based impro/ambient duo consisting of Juan Diaz on piano and Tore Stavlund (Idiom) on guitar.

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