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Laura Abela -stage name L'Aura- is an italian singer, born on August,13th, 1984. She has played the violin and piano since the age of 8. She went to a Berkeley (California) high school when she was 16 to study English, starting first live experiences. Her first single "Radio star" quickly became one of the Italian top hits of 2005. Her second single, Today, won the Best New Entry at M.E.I. (Italian independent labels festival). At the end of the same year Okumuki, her first ever album (sung both in English and Italian), was released. On February 2006 she competed in the San Remo Festival (most famous Italian music contest) with the song Irraggiungibile: she was eliminated in the semifinals, but the track was a huge success. The album Okumuki sold over 50,000 copies, allowing L'aura to win a Golden Disc prize. Translated from italian Wikipedia entry http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/L%27Aura

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