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Walking down the dingy halls of a typical rehearsal studio, one is bound to hear the eclectic styles of a diverse population of musicians. Straying from room to room, the diversity is over-whelming to the ears, as you are beset by the sounds of ska, jazz, swing, funk, rock, prog, groove, pop, psychedelia, salsa, and crushing grindcore. Le Scrawl is the musical equivalent of such an experience, with the added element of bashing ones head against a brick wall. Founded by German schoolmates, Le Scrawl came into being in 1989. These guys set out to play intense grindcore, their name an a pros pos reflection of the genre's abrupt style. Like a pervasive itch, however, came their many other musical influences; really, every kind of musical influence one can imagine. Having recorded a demo in 1992, Le Scrawl finally hit the stage in 1993. Le Scrawl consistently proved they could blast with the best of them, only to boggle minds and challenge their listeners notions with such incongruous, yet skillfully played interjections of differing musical styles. Le Scrawl continued to record as well; a seven inch (making it to the number 1 spot at KSZU/ Stanford, Ca), two mini CDs (incl. Cover songs by Chic, Terrorizer, DelaSoul etc. on “Rotten fake” also feat. Agathocles and 7 MxOxNx) and more, the bands sound evolving further and finding confluence in that which was once so contradictory. The Le Scrawl discography, entitled "Too short to ignore," released in 2003, showcases the complete and sometimes hard-to-find studio work of this unique grind troupe, along with a peppering of live tracks. Hardly a swan song release, Le Scrawl forged onward, with the release of their CDEP “Eager to please” in 2004 recorded by legendary producer Harris Johns. In 2006 they released a DVD of live stuff taped during their tour in California and at the Obscene Extreme Festival (2004) entitled “Full Frontal Nudity” and in 2008 “Whisky a gogo!” and in 2010 "snowblind" both recorded by Harris Johns came out. Le Scrawl is not for the weak of heart or the close-minded, but a case of attention deficit disorder could be of benefit when confronting their grinding, sonic gestalt. Regardless, minds will be blown, beats will be ravaged, and precepts destroyed as Le Scrawl burns their singular path through a rich garden of sounds. (Le Scrawl has since toured California in 2004 and played the "Extreme Obsene" Fest in Czech). Band members:: S. Weiss: Guitar; U. Schwede: Keyboards; M. Anders: Bass / Vocals; P. Weiss: Drums; A. Assmann: Saxophone. Discography: Scrawl 7" - Psychomania Records 1993 "Q" CDEP - Ecocentric Records 1995 "Too Short to Ignore"(1991-1999) LP RSR 2003 "Too Short to Ignore"(1991-1999) CD Life is Abuse 2003 "Eager to Please" 10" RSR 2004 "Eager to Please" CDEP Life is Abuse 2004 "Whisky A Go Go!" CDEP 2008 “Snowblind” CD Obscene 2010 Compliations: V/A I Kill What I Eat CD - Ecocentric 1993 V/A Rotten Fake! 7" - Ecocentric 1998 V/A Rudi Rat VI CD - Ecocentric 1999

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