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Least of These is an indie/ progressive / rock band from Denton, TX. In their short time together, LOT has seen success at venues in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and sought to expand their influence with their first release, More Than Conquerors EP, in summer 2011. With influences like Thrice, As Cities Burn, and So Long Forgotten, Least of These writes heavy-hitting, melodic rock songs with passionate lyrics to share our intense love that we have for promoting our faith through music. We thank God for the opportunity to be able to do this, and we appreciate all of you for taking the time to listen. Their first full-length release, Change Will Come, was released in 2013, and features a guest appearance from spoken word artist Levi the Poet. "A person contacted me through email about this really great indie rock band from Texas called Least of These. They have a very on fire spiritual message delivered through incredible indie rock notes. This isn’t some cheese ball radio rock band. If you’re a fan of music from artists like Thrice, As Cities Burn, Manchester Orchestra, So Long Forgotten, or John Mark McMillan, you’ll love these guys. Their new ep “More Than Conquerors” released at the end of August." - Brandon Jones - Indie Vision Music

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