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Legende biography

From the times of the Nordic sagas, and Nordic medieval time. The group Legende, consisting of Harald Foss and his wife Mari Foss, makes a musical travel in the Nordic medieval times of cultural change. For them a journey back in history is like an exciting exploration experience. With their music they try to make this history alive. In their own material they are inspired by the legends of the sagas and the medieval times. They believe that the people brought with them new knowledge of both musical instruments and music when returning home from their long journeys and voyages. The inspiration for this work has come to them from their travels to historic sites, like the countries around the North Sea, down south in the Mediterranian countries, and even longer westward like Vinland (Newfoundland) From the middle ages they have some more distinct tracks, and even some notation documents of music. The sources of tradition have also more oral material. A lullaby in nordic language from Shetland is an interesting example of this. Their home district Telemark is an area rich with medieval songs, and is a natural part of their song repertoire. They have released one CD so far, Med århundrers klang or "With the Ring of Centuries" in English. Released 2005, the songs are mostly self-composed. http://www.legende.no/

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