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There are at least four artists who use the name Leif. (1) -- UK-Based Techno / House / Downtempo producer Leif Knowles, who co-runs the vinyl label UntilMyHeartStops and has released many EPs on other labels since 2003. Leif's Website (2) -- New York City producer and rapper Leif (currently recording under the name Le1f > http://www.last.fm/music/LE1F ) - an artist currently creating a sound born from tropical punk, American club musics (Bmore, Vogue, etc), world music (Soukous, Baile Funk, etc), and experimental sound. Leif's Myspace (3) -- Based in Manchester 'Leif' produces the ideas and songs of singer/songwriter Jules. Influenced by 60/70's songwriting the band concentrates on producing honest emotional songs with intense passion and strong melodies. Combining styles as diverse as Nick Drake, Wilco, Pink Floyd and The Beatles makes for a blend of eclectic songs which are easy to relate to. Their debut album is called 'Twist of fortune'. Leif formed originally as a 4 piece band in 2003 where they decided to begin work on an album in 2004. The recording, mastering and mixing of the album was completed by September 2005 featuring some new and old friends of the band to whom they are indebted and very grateful. The mixing and production on the album was done at loonyville Manchester and mastered by studio masters international. Then after design and print they finally released the album in March 2006. Leif's website (4) -- A indie rock band from Uppsala, Sweden 1999-2002, who played hits such as "En ful liten pojke" and "TV-spel". They recorded two demos, which can be downloaded from http://www.archive.org/details/Precis_som_soul and http://www.archive.org/details/i_vantan_pa_brevbararen. Some of the members have moved on to He is watching over us, lofiprojektet and Mikaela.

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