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Leki (born in Kinshasa, Congo) is the first female Urban/R&B-pop star to rise out of Belgium. She is known for many hits including 'Breakin Out' (2004), 'Spread my wings', Over the Rainbow', 'Love me another day' and is also a TV presenter on VTM. She's the sister of Manuela 'Ya Kid K' Kamosi, who sang 'pump up the jam' for the group Technotronic. Leki is also sensitive to humanitarian projects in Africa where she is the godmother of a young farmers development activity in Uganda. Lately Leki decided to accomplish one of her father's dream: the building of a hospital in his natal village of Malambu in Congo. Via Nanda, the non-profit-making organization she has founded, and under the name "Bouwen aan leven" ("building life")several initiatives -such as the single "Pecuiar places"- will be taken in 2010 to help raise funds, hoping that the hospital will be operational towards the end of 2011. In short, Leki is a multi talented showbiz icon who is not afraid to take on a challenge. All these elements have ensured that this singer//songwriter is a force to be reckoned with. In october 2009 she released her fourth studio album "Leki & The Sweet Mints" (Universal Music).

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