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In 1998 "E" an "Law" established Infared Music Group. This partnership birthed LEP short for Low End Professionals and The Bogus Boys who got their name from a infamous street mob. Where it all started: LEP quickly established a respectable name for themselves. They had an undeniable stage presence at local shows an took no prisoners in any rap battle or free style cipher. At the time LEP consist of two talented emcees emerging from Chicago's deadly Ickies projects. Count 1 half of LEP was know as the muscle and stick up man with the ability to verbally strong arm or lyrically rob even assassinate any one that stood in his way. Larro or "Lil Lar" to most made up the other half. He was known as the street hustler with a "by any means necessary" intense delivery and menacing swagg. The streets consider them as the quintessence of what the hood represents in Chicago, an thus eagerly embraced them. While LEP was enjoying there new found celebrity, Moonie who happen to be the 1st official artist to signed to Infared Music Group, would spend epic days and nights in the studio. At this time Rugg who is a family member of count’s would also come by and participate in countless rap battles and free style show downs. Though LEP was an establish group with a large street following, healthy competition had them all working on solo projects, which intern created the development of The Bogus Boys. TUFF TIMES: 2001 brought much trial an tribulations to the LEP BOGUS BOYS family, Ronald “Law” Colverson tragically lost his life in the deadly streets of Chicago. Meanwhile Moonie was serving time in the state penitentiary. With vital members gone the LEP BOGUS BOYS had lost the momentum they had worked so hard for. Upon Moonie's release, E was determined to put the company back together an achieve success. Just as things where coming together The LEP BOGUS BOYS family would take yet another major loss. In 2006 Laronson “Larro” Kellum also tragically lost his life to the deadly streets of Chicago. THE REBIRTH: Thou these heart wrenching lost may have stopped most people, The LEP BOGUS BOYS used there music as away to shed light on the harsh realities of how diabolical the streets can be. The LEP BOGUS BOYS have shown that gangbang music doesn’t always mean you promote violence, but they do however, maintain consistency in communicating through their lyrics that they are from the streets and have lived through the tough crime life. The LEP BOGUS BOYS exemplifies the fact that all regions of America have had their chance to shine and now its Chicago’s and the Midwest's turn to make their mark in hip hop.

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