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Since their conception in France during 1995 this six piece well oiled pit inducing machine have been dropping jaws and have been causing bruises and broken bones with their relentless brand of tough as nail metal hardcore and intense, devastating live performance. Their multi-dimensional brand of metal hardcore can be best characterized by crunchy yet sharp guitar riffs, low end bass destruction, driving drum beats, and aggressive venom spitting dual vocal deliveries. They have taken the mid paced metalcore mastery of Merauder then fused it with the crunch and groove of Pantera, then added it with the ferocity of The Haunted and Slayer's thrashing metal madness, and finally touched it with French styled pit inducing and neck breaking breakdowns. L' Esprit Du Clan's notoriety have been pushed further by their very intense live performance that leaves everybody in attendance with bruises, sometimes broken bones, and a satisfied smile in their faces. They have shared the stage thousand of times with well known bands both in hardcore and metal but most noticeably was their being a support in Merauder's 2000 Euro tour. This tour had marked them as one of Europe's most sought after metal hardcore bands. As a result, they have headlined some of Europe's biggest hardcore or metal festivals. Their first released, "Chapitre 0", was released in the year 2000 and have sold more than 3,500 copies in Europe alone even without any distribution help. This feat had landed them as a supporting act to Merauder's 2,000 European tour. It also set them as a force to reckon with in the European metal hardcore scene. Their second release and first full length album, "Chapitre 1", was released on September 2002 on the band's own record label, La Casta records, and was distributed by Virgin records France. This released have received nothing but great reviews and have given them numerous interviews, TV appearances, and a music video that was being played at MTV, MCM, and Viva (Poland). "Chapitre 1" had sold more than 5,000 copies even though the distribution was only in France alone. Enrage Production have decided to reprint it because of the growing demand for it. On April 2005 they have released their third album, "Chapitre 2: Reverence" via Universal Music Publishing with a lyrical theme of breaking injustice and to denounce an immoral society. The album was supported by another European tour and a music video that is being played at MTV, MCM, M6, Viva (in Poland). Reviews have labeled it as the band's strongest album to date . L' Esprit Du Clan's notierity have reached the USA and Asia and have generated a huge amount of interest from the scenesters there but lack of distribution have make it so hard to obtain a copy of their releases. Gods Child Music will be giving the scenesters from the Asia the chance to experience the metal hardcore phenomenon known as L' Esprit Du Clan by releasing the "Chapitre 2: Reverence" CD in the US and Asia with bonus materials & video clip (which are not included in the European version) to satiate their thirst for this band. In 2008, their bass player joined Hangman's Chair.

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