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Lifelover was a Swedish metal band formed in 2005 by Jonas "B" Bergqvist and Kim "( )" Carlsson. The band split up on 16th September 2011 after the death of Bergqvist, granted he was the lead composer and one of Lifelover's founding members. The band, while widely considered being metal, combined several genres into their sound, citing black metal, post-punk, alternative rock and dark ambient. With Lifelover's depressive lyrics, musicianship and atmosphere, the band are credited for being one of the most influential depressive black metal bands. Lifelover was founded on 1st June 2005 in Stockholm, Sweden. A demo titled Promo 2005 was recorded the same month, but was never officially released. The recording of a first full-lenght titled Pulver began in April 2006. LR and 1853 were recruited to the band, and the album was finished in May 2006. The album was released by Goatowarex in July 2006. During 2007, H. also joined the band, and the second album Erotik was released by Total Holocaust Records in February 2007. In April 2008, LR left the band. In June 2008, Fix and S joined. The band performed their first live-show at Harry B James in Stockholm, September 28, 2008. Lifelover completed the work on their third album, Konkurs in June 2008. It was released October 10th, 2008 by Avantgarde Music. After that release Osmose Productions re-issued both Pulver and Erotik on CD in 2009, Erotik was re-issued the 21th of January 2009 and Pulver the 7th of May, and Lifelover's popularity grew. In April 2009, 1853 and S left the band. Later, in August of the same year, Non took the place of S as the band's full-time drummer. Their fourth official effort, the MCD titled Dekadens, was released on October 8th, 2009 through Osmose Productions. Shortly after Dekadens's release and a few shows in Germany, in January 2010, Non left the band and 1853 rejoined. As of April 2010, Non has rejoined the band. On 14 February 2011, Lifelover released their fourth album titled Sjukdom. On 10 September 2011, the band reported through their Facebook page that band member B died the previous day, stating: "We are very sad to report that yesterday our bandmate and brother B has passed away. The concerts today and tomorrow are still to be performed, but in a different form in his honor. This information is valid and in its extreme sadness true. A final statement with further details is to come." The band ultimately decided to split up and the concert in Rotterdam on 11th September 2011 was the last thing Lifelover ever did as a band.

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