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Little Marbles is an indie pop-band formed in Norrköping, Sweden. They have now moved to Stockholm. The bands front members are Julia Adams (born 12 October 1990) and Linn Tabudlong (born 17 November 1990). The band was formed in the summer of 2006 at Julia's grandmothers 60-year-old-party. When they sang together they noticed that their voices fit together and continued writing songs. During the beginning of 2012 Little Marbles toured both China and Cuba and finished up their third album, Vi kan göra det hur du vill (We can do it anyway you want to). Just like on the previous album Miss Li and Sonny Boy Gustafsson were producers and helped with the compositions. Little Marbles say that "most of the lyrics are parts of our diaries. We mixed them in a cement mixer, then picked up the important parts for drought. Drought and stick to our third album that we call "We can do it anyway you want to", and that's up to you to interpret... Sonny and Linda (Miss Li) complete us with their structure, and we complete them with our non-structure. At first we wanted to write that we become semi-skimmed milk together, safely meeting in middle, but that's not how it is. The most accurate metaphor would be that we are the perfectly blended rasberry juice. A little too much concentrate and not enough water." Official MySpace Official blog

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