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Lkn biography

Lauren K. Newman of Portland, Oregon plays everything. "LKN is a golden god. I've seen her outshred killer opening acts missing a G string. I've seen her barechested and unabashedly fucking her guitar in the middle of a solo. She's magnificent as a horse––powerful, beautiful and as wild as she is in control. She's a fucking jungle cat–– graceful as she is killer deadly. If rock and roll is to be saved from the banks of the next generation of loop stations, it will be LKN who we will rally behind. She's brutal, honest, unflinchingly passionate and unflappably dedicated. I've never wanted to have kids, but I once asked her in all honesty if sh'd rear my child. It's that Sandy Thompson notion: I think the world could use more Hunters."––Randy Bemrose, member of Junkface (quoted in Willammette Week)

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