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Loud biography

There are several artists who have performed under the name Loud. 1) Loud were a British band led by Chris McLoughlin, who had been a live guitarist with the band New Model Army. They released two albums, D Generation (1990) and Psyche 21 (1992), and a few EPs/CD-singles in the early nineties. The first album was co-produced by Jaz Coleman of Killing Joke. Notable singles include “D-Generation”, “Easy” and “Mary”. McLoughlin’s voice was favorably compared to Freddie Mercury’s and the band gained a loyal cult following. Their work has been classified as alternative metal. 2) Loud is a trance band formed by Eitan Reiter And Kobi Toledano, which has been producing Psytrance music for the last 3 years. This music is made to rock the dance floor hard with a funky style, while delivering unexpected twists and turns. Since the release of their first album, Some Kind of Creativity on Drive Records, they have toured the world, performing all over Europe, Russia, Australia, United States, Central America, South America, Far East, and Israel. They have produced two more studio albums, one compilation (Private Lesson), and have released singles on most major labels including Compact, Noya and Hommega. 3) Loud is a Spanish electronic singer and composer, Fran Franco, who is produced by Autoreverse, and released the Upbeat Sadness EP. 4) LOUD is a stoner rock band from Belgrade, Serbia, formed in 2010. 5) Loud is a black metal band with an album called the tombstone of death. 6) LOUD is a taiko and electric guitar duo from Vancouver, Canada. Eileen Kage plays taiko and percussion and Elaine Stef plays electric guitar. The music is instrumental, original, indie, postrock, avant-garde, world groove. Formed originally as a trio with taiko player Leslie Komori in 1996, they have been performing as a duo since 2001. They released the album 'taikoelectric' as a trio, and the duo's latest album, 'echo and flow' was released in 2012.

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