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M-theory biography

1. M-THEORY ( Alchemy Records) are U.K. based Marcello Baccheschi & Robert Nichols. Meeting on the dance floor of Sola Luna (2001) they became good friends and in 2005 began to produce music together as M-THEORY. Italian-born Marchello moved to London in 1997 where he started dj'ing trance. Label dj for Etnicanet Records from 2001, he moved to Neurobiotic Records in 2005. He has played international festivals around the world (Celebra Brazil, Brazilians Trance Festival, Sonica +more). Producing under his solo project Cimi, he has appeared in compilations for Alchemy Records, Point Zero Records and Y.S.E................. U.K. born Rob studied music from an early age. After taking piano, He moved on to drums and guitar playing in school and college bands. He was involved in the early 90’s London squat party scene.. In 2000 he began producing psytrance as "Monastic Squid"; releasing on Alchemy Records and ProcyonRecords. Signed to Alchemy Records at the beginning of 2007, M-THEORY have been exciting international dance floors with their deep, edgy morning melodic sounds, underpinned by chunky phat & funky bass lines. Releasing regularly with various labels around the globe, M-THEORY are currently working on their forthcoming debut album...... contact:monasticsquid@hotmail.com | psygemini@hotmail.com 2. M-Theory (Quantum Mechanix Records) - A Producer and electronic artist hailing from the city of Philadelphia. He experiments in a wide scope of genres , sometimes combining several. www.m-theory.bandcamp.com http://m-theorymusic.blogspot.com/ mtheorymusic1@gmail.com

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