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М8л8тх (pronounced as "Mo-lot-kh") is a Russian NSBM band from Tver, formed in 2002. The sole constant member of the band has been vocalist Alexey (who was reportedly put in a prison's psychiatric ward for some time, being accused of 4 murders and a few acts of robbery) and bassist Mikhail Korolev. They were joined by drummer Ivan "Swarm" (then and still a member of Hagl), who would leave the band in 2009. In 8 June 2003 they recorded their first demo, releasing it 3 days later. Their first concert took place in Tver, July 5. In early 2004 Pavel became the band's guitarist and under this line-up their first album, which translates to “By the Wing of Black”, was released via Stellar Winter records. At some point, Mikhail left the band. Aleksandr (Александр Шибаев) assumed the clean vocal roles in 2013. Discography: 2003 - Rehearsal 2003 (demo) 2004 - Чёрным крылом 2004 - Штурм (live album) 2009 - Непоколебимая вера 2010 - Scent of Blood / Rehearsal 2003 a.b. (compilation) 2011 - WotanJugend (split with Нежеголь) 2013 - Слёзы осени (single) 2013 - The Black March Saga 2013 - Сага о чёрном марше

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