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Ma.bra. biography

Maurizio Braccagni aka Ma.Bra. and Dj Lhasa was born the 26th of November 1968. He started his experience as a Dj in 1987 and released his first record in 1989. For almost four years, during his dj-nights, he played tekno music, especially from north-Europe, a style that influenced deeply his forthcoming artistic direction. In 1993, under the name of Two Cowboys, Maurizio reached the top of the European Sales Charts with the track titled "Everybody Gonfi Gon". Thanks to this hit, Maurizio Braccagni made himself known as top deejay playing in many clubs in Europe and remixing many dance and pop acts i.e. Whigfield, JK, Systematic, Daydream & Berri under the name of MBRG and Two Cowboys. In 2003 he gave birth to the project DJ LHASA with whom, thanks to the track Giulia, he had a big success and created interest on the new project all over the world, reaching the N.1 in many European charts. In 2006 Maurizio as Ma.Bra. creates the music label MABRA, releasing new recordings as The Riddle, Original Sin and Everybody used till now only during his dj-sets in radios and clubs. At the end of 2006, he releases the track Cursed Destiny that meets a lot of interest in the North of Europe; it has been given in exclusive license to Andorfine Records for worldwide. At present Maurizio is working at his debut album as Ma.Bra.

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