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Mabrak biography

The members of Mabrak are The International Masters of The Roots, Rock, Reggae Sound and have had hits on The British Charts with ITAL TALK/ LIQUID TALK in the mid '70s. Their recordings are well known in Germany, France and in London. You can also hear them on THE JAMAICA'S GOLDEN HITS, VOL. 1 recording doing the gem "OH CAROLINA" - A Jamaican Classic from the 1960's. The Founder and leader Leroy Mabrak was responsible for these musical landmarks. He has also developed the World's First Electric Repeater Drum and functions as a Resource Consultant for Drum Music at Stanford University. This was the first time in the history of recorded music anywhere in the world when the Talking Drum was used as a lead instrument in a song. They have won 4 medals for musical composition and arrangement at THE WORLD MUSIC CHAMPIONSHIPS 2003 which was held in Burbank, CA. They also give lecture demonstrations on Polyphonic Drum arrangements and are Masters of The Repeaters, The West African Talking Drums and The Nyahbinghi Sound. They also record and perform contemporary Roots, Rock, Reggae Sounds. They grew up with the Legendary Tommy McCook and The Skatalites, Ossie Scott and Count Ossie and The MRR. So they are well schooled in first class rootical, cultural and contemporary arrangements. THE ROOTSMAN CD is their current recording with hits like The Rootsman, Come Sister Come, Survival, Dis Ya Sound, Give Thanks and Praise and Jah Love is Forever. They have appeared at The John F. Kennedy Center for The Performing Arts, The Village Gate and The Circle Star Theater, The Zellerbach Auditorium, Stanford University, The Monterey and Mount Shasta Reggae Festivals to name a few and at The Williamette Valley Folk Festival as a main act in the USA. They have been headliners at THE STANFORD INTERNATIONAL MUSIC FESIVAL 2004, THE BUDWEISER REGGAEFEST 2004 and THE SAN DIEGO WORLD MUSIC FESTIVAL 2004. Featured performers in THE TRIBAL STOMP MUSIC FESTIVAL 2007 and Leroy Mabrak gave a command performance on Heroes Night at THE VERANDAH in Kingston, Jamaica in October 2007. They have performed throughout Jamaica giving lecture demonstrations on The West African Musical Experience and The Diaspora. They will rock you with their systematic sound vibrations with their 8 piece band as Masters of the Roots, Rock, Reggae Sound who are celebrating 30 years of Rootical Reggae Sounds from the land of Jamaica. Once you see them in concert you will never forget THE THUNDERCLAP SOUNDS of MABRAK........

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