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Macaco is a multicultural musical band from Barcelona, created in 1997 when ex-Magia Animal, Dr. No, and Ojos de Brujo, Macaco (Dani Carbonell) joined La Hermandad Chirusa, a band formed by talented musicians from Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, and Spain, to make his first solo record. The band has changed much over the years, the only exception being Dani. The band members come from different countries such as Brazil, Cameroon, Venezuela and Spain. They play a mixture of rumba, pop, funk, flamenco, rock, hip-hop and reggae in a very particular style. They mostly sing in Spanish, but also in Catalán, Portuguese, French, English and Italian. The first album, "El Mono en el ojo del Tigre" (1999) was released in Spain,France, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Holland, Austria and Argentina. In 2009 Macaco recorded a video of the song "Moving" in collaboration with National Geographic. A number of famous artists appear in the video including Juan Luis Guerra, Juanes and actors such as Javier Bardem. Discography El Mono en el Ojo del Tigre (Edel, 1999) Rumbo Submarino (Edel, 2002) Entre Raices y Antenas (Mundo Zurdo - EMI, 2004) Ingravitto (Mundo Zurdo - EMI, 2006) Puerto Presente (Mundo Zurdo - EMI, 2009)

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