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Tension, filth, technical, obnoxious, and in your face beats are ways one can best describe Macca’s cutting edge sound. Most of his releases have made it to the top of various charts across the globe which has led to immense respect from many of the industry’s key players. He continues to break new ground with every new release by experimenting with new sounds, textures, tones, and crossbreeding key elements from other musical genres and blending his own mix of undeniable electronic infused dirtiness. Because of his unique production and spot on DJ skills, Macca has gained hundreds of thousands of fans around the globe and was able to showcase his skills in many of the worlds top clubs and festivals. His easygoing personality and hard working attitude, have allowed him to interact and work with some of the world’s top DJ’s and producers. Macca’s original music over the years has made him a sought after remixer for other top artists. Since the beginning of his career, his music has been featured on various popular labels such as Hed Kandi, Thrive, In-Stereo, Blow Media, Eye Industries, Hotbox Digital, and many others. Consequently in 2005 Macca was awarded a Juno for “Best Dance Recording” alongside Hatiras, for their hit single “Spanish Fly”, in addition to them being nominated twice that same year in the aforementioned category under the Alias "Da Skunk" for "Hot Box". Branching off into new a new direction, Macca has launched his new label entitled “Invasive Recordings”. Invasive will feature a consistent stream of Macca’s own original material as well as remixes and originals by other quality artists. The label will provide a wide array of top quality club tunes with the intention of breaking the boundaries of electronic music.

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