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Mach 7 is a Swedish EuroDance Group. The first 2 singles "Real Love" and "Dangerous" were written by Lars Lundgren, Andy White and Stevie James and were released by Virgin. "Alacazam" was written and produced by Stevie James & Håkan Folkesson, mixed by the duo Eliasson and Eriksson (of Solid Base). Alacazam was released by Remixed Records. The members on single 1 & 2 were Stevie James who does the rap and 2 girls, Ida and Malin. On Alacazam Paula Nielsen did the lead vocal. "United States Of Japan" was recorded in January 1995 in Future Crew Studio, and released the same year under Virgin Records Sweden. It was produced and mixed by Pat Reiniz, written and composed by Pat Reiniz, Stevie James, R. Colgate, and Lars Lundgren. It included 2 remixes by Statikk.

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