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There are five bands being tracked here as Machina. They are the following: 1) Experimental/Industrial Bosnian duo from Leipzig ( 2) Swedish band formed in 2000. Band members include Jox on vocals, Tony on guitar, Christer on bass, Matt on drums and Olars on guitar. Some of their song include 'Sentimental', 'Barcode' and 'Plastic'. 3) Melodic alternative post-grunge fused with new metal, from Little Rock, Arkansas. New generation of intricate, multilayered rock; MACHINA is comprised of members from the bands FUTURE LEADERS OF THE WORLD (vocalist - Phil Taylor) and EVANESCENCE (guitarist - John LeCompt), with Thad Ables on bass and Justin Carder on drums. 4) Synth Band from the early 90's (Depeche Mode type) from Glasgow, Scotland. Unfortunately this is the only surviving footage on VHS. The tape had been stored away until Robert Marshall (the leather jacket wearing rocker in the video (and also the keyboard player)) dug it out and copied it onto DVD then converted by a friend of his and posted here on You-Tube. This song was actually used on a demo tape and submitted to Mute in the early 90's. Unfortunately the lead singer of the band sounded a bit to similar to another singer of a group that had been signed to Mute Records a decade earlier (no prizes for guessing that band). 5) A Finnish Heavy/Power Metal band hailing from Oulu, signed to Shark Records. After their debut EP "Dark Age Digital" (2006) they released their first full-length album "Majestic Machinations" in 2009. More info:

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